Become the trusted local

Become the trusted expert of your patch, before buyers and sellers even reach out to an agent. 

Reality Check:

Giant real estate listing marketplaces have a huge stranglehold on the market – everyone goes to them first when looking to buy, sell or rent, they have all the search data and they own the front page of search engines. If they launch a direct to consumer business they will totally destroy many agencies and cost tens of thousands of real estate jobs in Australia.


Requires local market trust and attention, the primary way to achieve this is a strong, local-minded, personal brand – let us show you how!


Supercharge your personal brand



Feature your listings



Become the trusted, local authority


Build your tribe of followers

Become the popular person in town – the person that knows what’s happening, whos who and where to be seen. The “digital mayor” that loves and cares for his local community.

People searching for property in your area will enjoy your podcast as a learning tool as they excitedly find out about their new neighborhood.

The locals will get to know your podcast as they local resource for what’s going on.

Both will trust you to sell and buy real estate with.

Write the narrative on the local market

Use your podcast to share your latest listings and how you see property prices, listings and sales heading. You’re the local real estate expert, your podcast is the platform to share your wisdom.

Each suburb and agent has different needs, goals, and passions, so we’ll work with you to create the perfect podcast package, below is a general price guide for how we charge, however, a free consultation can help determine your exact, unique requirements.


Strategy & Personal Brand

We understand podcasting – from what content to include, through to how to record, edit and get great reach. We’ll work directly with you, your goals, ideas, and passions to create the perfect podcast for you.

More than just podcasting, we’ll help you work on your own local personal brand to ensure you gain a full 360 degree reach of your local area.


Content and Preparation

You know the local area better than most – the awesome businesses that everyone loves, the local schools and community groups and of course the awesome property! We’ll work with you to translate all of the knowledge into content, you’d be surprised just how much there is. Our team can work to ensure each episode has interesting local content (such as an interview with an interesting local business owner or the top 5 coffees you have to try in the area) to ensure that we can get the best possible exposure to the juicy stuff – local properties you’re currently listing!


Recording & Editing

We’ve got the equipment and the experience to ensure your podcast sounds on brand and professional. We’ll arrange a time that works with you to record each of your episodes, edit them professionally and then run them by you for approval before we share them with the world!


Distribution and Marketing

From getting your podcast onto all the major platforms (including Apple Podcasts & Spotify) through to ensuring your audience continues to grow, we’ll work with you to implement creative strategies to see your podcast become the talk of the town (or your local suburb!)


If you’re a real estate agent or broker, I genuinely believe that this is the single best way to get customers for your business

Become the “digital mayor” of your town

– Gary Vaynerchuk