Services for Professionals

Podcasting is our passion, but content marketing and personal brand excite us too!

Here’s an overview of what we can do, but whatever podcast, content marketing or personal brand goals you’ve got in mind we’d love to have a chat!


Podcasting continues to grow at an exponential rate. The vast majority of Australian’s who podcast are looking to learn something new so whatever your profession or passion is you’ll find your tribe hunting down your podcast.

With over a decade of audio story telling experience behind us we’re well equipped to help you with strategy, how to turn your great ideas into awesome content, recording, editing, distribution and marketing. 

Here’s some great podcast ideas we’d love to help out with

  • Professionals who are looking to share their wealth of helpful knowledge with a whole new base of potential clients
  • Museum curators, historical society members or university professors who have amazing stories that need to be shared
  • Authors who have far more content in their mind than pages to write on
  • Gardners, Farmers, Succulent loves and more who have experience to encourage people to get their hands dirty
  • Special diet lovers who want to encourage others on their culinary path
  • Hobbiests, Game Players and proud nerds who want to tell their tribe how much they love their play

Whatever it is your passionate about, it’s time we help you share that passion with the world!



Smart Speaker Flash Briefings

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri! They’re all starting to creep into our homes and they’re an amazing way for you to share your data and info with a captive audience. Short podcasts, or Alexa Flash Briefings can be programmed to be the first thing someone hears every morning, just like when we used to wake up to our clock radio! 

People with an interest in your product or service might just want to get a daily or weekly update as part of their smart speaker news – let us show you how to make sure your voice is the trusted authority they hear when they want their info!

Each project will have different goals and needs, as such the pricing below is a guide and after with a free consultation we’ll work toward creating a package that matches both your needs and budget

Content Marketing & Personal Branding

Everyone keeps talking about personal branding, social media followers, content marketing, instagram stories, youtube channels, blogs and everything else! Honestly, with everything you’ve got to do it’s a bit overwhelming!

But, it’s important. The world’s attention is currently on social media – that includes your customers and clients (even if you don’t think they are!). 

So, let’s cut out the junk, let’s start with a simple sit down and chat about the amazing knowledge you already have (trust us… you have stuff people would LOVE to know about thanks to your experience). 

From there we can build an awesome strategy that doesn’t overwhelm you or require all of your energy that you already don’t have enough of!