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We help knock down the barriers that stop you podcasting! From professional editing and recording to how-tos and strategy!

How it works?

Professional Podcast Editing To Ensure You Sound Professional

Professional Recording with Industry Leading Equipment

How To & Strategy To Grow Your Audience and Your Business


Easy To Understand, Personal Service

Where ever you’re at, whatever you need!

We’re a Brisbane based Podcast strategy agency that can take care of everything from giving you time back by editing your podcast, through to helping you learn the basics, helping you build a strategy, recording your podcast and sharing it with the world! Where ever you are on your podcast journey we’re passionate about you creating a professional podcast that adds value to your audience, increases your following and builds trust in your industry.

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Some Of Our Work


Cutting out the bits you don’t want, tidying your audio up and mixing in your intros, music and ads. We’ll ensure that your podcast sounds “broadcast quality” every time.

Strategy & Coaching

Your goals, your experience, your story, your ideas get combined with our understanding of podcasting, marketing, and audio storytelling to ensure your podcast is set up for success from day one. If you’re still unsure how podcasting working or if you’ll know what to say, we can walk you through step by step so that you’re confident with sharing your knowledge in no time!¬†


Using industry standard equipment and experience, we can arrange a suitable location to sit down with you and your guests to record a broadcast quality podcast


Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast and so many more! We ensure your podcast is on every platform that your potential customers and fans will find it on. Your podcast will meet standards with perfectly written ID3 tags.

Show Notes

We create high quality, keyword rich show notes to ensure your awesome podcast is found by the people who most want to consume your content! By keeping a close eye on the ever-changing search and audio landscape we ensure that you stay ahead of the pack and are always ready for your next listener to find you.

Flash Briefings

Quick audio information on smart home speakers (Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Apple Home Pod) have incredible impact and consumption within Australia. We help you become a market leader by providing wanted and timely advice right into the homes of your potential clients.